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 Into Terms of www.raghuvanshamart.com on the return

 Into When you buy from us, we want you to stay completely satisfied. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your order from www.raghuvanshamart.com, and 'the boss can return for replacement or refund. Read carefully the terms and conditions for the replacement below.
 www.raghuvanshamart.com reserves the right to charge a handling fee on all returned products.
 www.raghuvanshamart.com offers full refund on more 'items within 3 days of receipt of the order. The first step in the process of return and 'contact our Customer Service at www.raghuvanshamart.com


We offer full refund on any item defective or damaged due to negligence on the part of www.raghuvanshamart.com. Damage caused through negligence on the part of the couriers or improper use made by customers are not eligible for replacement or refund.

 Into The moment we receive an item returned, we will examine the same to determine whether the conditions are there for a refund. All animals for which will be 'recognized a total or partial refund will have the refund for their original cost of shipping www.raghuvanshamart.com.
 www.raghuvanshamart.com not be 'responsible for the cost of return shipping.


 Into Customs

 Into It 's rare but can' happen the inconvenience of buying on the internet, and once the delivery of my item, to be told that there 'to pay an additional sum. Usually it 's never a big figure, however, can' bother. At customs sometimes make sample checks, and depending on criteria which are not very clear, can charge a duty on the imported.

 Into www.raghuvanshamart.com naturally does everything 'cause such complications will not occur, in order to satisfy the customer. In the event 'that the customer but' pay a duty, www.raghuvanshamart.com not be liable to pay such amounts.